A Complete Guide to Visit Vilangankunnu of Thrissur in Kerala

A typical man needs to take a break from their usual stressful everyday life to make a refreshing comeback and prosper later in their lives. Here, in the cultural capital of Thrissur in Kerala is located the peaceful picnic spot of Vilangankunnu and a random visit to this hillock in your leisure could provide a positive drastic effect in you. Moreover, the calming destination is most deserving situated within the outskirts of the urban space offering a space for the city dwellers to breathe in some fresh air. Henceforth, you may make a visit to Villangankunnu along with your family and friends, and spend quality time at the charming hilltop.

In addition to that, the lush green area of the hillock does comprise of a diverse population of flora and fauna. Subsequently, the presence of them right at the heart of the city is a relief for the inhabitants compelling them to address the hill as ‘Oxygen Jar of Thrissur.’ The area around Vilangankunnu was recently renovated quite artistically by the Tourism Department of the state and eventually, the tourist inflow had been growing since then at a tremendous level. However, one would not feel any sort of crowdedness, as the entire plateau area in Adat Panchayat is spread across an area of around 5 acres. Here, we had elaborated a guide to visit Vilangankunnu on your very next vacation to these parts of Kerala.

Major Tourist Attractions

Ramp Walkway:

 The graceful pathways rebuilt recently are presently now one of the crucial add-ons that had made this picnic point adorable. Furthermore, the group of trees lined on either side of them provides a relaxing ambience to the people who are on a 1-day tour to the Vilangankunnu.


VilangankunnuPark,ThrissurAs the recreational area is situated at a certain height of 262 feet above the sea level, once moving up to this viewpoint, you could gaze at that panoramic view of those major parts of Thrissur city. On the other hand, you could also view the alluring sight of the Kole wetlands spread across yet another region. Try to visit on any of those sunny days to acquire a clearer picture of the same. Most commendably, the solar panels installed near them would make the lamps work in the late evenings.



If you are a nature-loving person who has also pretty interest in medicinal plants, then this is your safe haven. The well-maintained part of the spot is a beautiful garden of rare medicinal herbs. They are looked after carefully by Ashokavanam Samithi and Vilangan Trekkers Club in association with the DTPC (Department of Tourism Promotion Council) Thrissur.

Kids Park: 

thrissur-boating-poolThe smaller age groups are going to have the maximum fun during this visit. Hence, you will be having that well-spent day even without booking the whole of tour packages. Your kid will get to play in the wagon wheel and may paddle on small boats set exclusively for them.

 16D Theatre: The cool option of an entire theatre located at the hilltop could be astonishing to at least quite a many visitors holidaying here. For surprising them more, they will be made to sit in a revolving seat that would be moving frantically in an entire 180-degree angle. The visuals that you get to watch here range from waterfalls to the falling of snow. And even at some instances, you also get to take in some unique aromas. In every means, it would be an absolute 16D visual experience.

 Things to Do

Morning jog: Said that, the hills are the breakthrough location for the city dwellers, most of them rely on the beautifully paved walking pathways for their morning jogs. So while you are at Thrissur as a layover place before getting to the happening tourist place of Athirapally, you could head to Vilankunnu to start your day refreshingly.

Witness sunrise and sunset: Just like any other hilltops, Vilangankunnu could offer you an enchanting sight during those early hours of the day and later at the sunset. At the latter, you may find those flickering lights from the city beneath you.

Bird Watching: As mentioned earlier, the hillock is home to a wide range of migratory birds. So you are on that visit to the buzzing tourist place with such a large open space, you may spot quite a many flying birds resting at those metal pipes and those rooftops. Other than this, you could catch a glimpse of many distinct varieties of migratory birds visiting the place.

 How to reach

The beautiful hillock is right at the heart of the Thrissur city, as mentioned earlier. So you could reach the destination by travelling around 5km in the Thrissur-Kunnamkulam and had to take a side road once crossing an arch. The following road will be sloppy as the destination is after is perched on a hill. That uphill driving had to be continued for around 1 km until arriving at the entry point of this tourAlso, the nearest airport of Cochin International Airport is at a distance of 62 km from the place.

 Best time to visit

As the hills of Vilangankunnu are an all-year-round destination, you could plan for a picnic in the spot during any season. However, the entry to the hills starts from 7 in the morning and up to 7 in the evening. You can get the tickets of a bearable price from the counter meant for that and have fun at the hilltop.

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