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The rich culture and heritage of Kerala lies in its art and craft. The state is rich with these handicrafts which are used by the lay man on a day to day basis. These handicrafts are unique to the state of Kerala and also make beautiful gifts to be shared with your loved ones. Some of the most famous handicrafts articles of Kerala are made from natural Eco-friendly materials like Bamboo, coir products, lacquer ware, sandalwood carvings, wood carvings and metal works. Some of the rare and much priced items like ivory products are also available. The first and foremost of these handicrafts that always takes center stage in all functions is the brass lamp, which is an alloy of metals tin, copper and brass. When you choose a Best Kerala tour package from Delhi, you will not only experience the abundant beauty of Kerala, but you will also get to experience the rich culture and tradition of this place and you can take a part of this rich tradition back with you when you return to your hometown.


The traditional Kerala lamp is of great significance and is always given prime importance in social gatherings, functions, wedding ceremonies and inauguration programs. The metals lamps are used most commonly in temples on a day to day basis, and there is a significant meaning behind lighting of the lamp in homes and temples. The element fire here stands for God and we are seeking his presence and blessings before any auspicious function. The lamp is also lit every day morning in front of the puja altar to begin the day by seeking the almighty’s blessing. Along with the brass lamp the brass bell is also of great significance. Used most commonly in temples, the temple bell is made of a mixture of many metals like cadmium, zinc, manganese, nickel, copper, lead and chromium. The proportion of each of these metals makes the science behind the ringing of the bell. Each of these bells creates a kind of sound that will help unite your left and right brains. The sound lasts for 7 seconds in echo mode good enough for touching the seven chakras of the body. So the true significance behind the temple bell is to make your aware of your surroundings, and to make your mind clear so that you can clear your mind of all the thoughts. The bell works like an antidote to the mind. It makes the mind more receptive to the surroundings.



Another commonly used item, that is a symbol for prosperity is the Nelpara or commonly called the Para which was a traditional paddy measuring unit. When paddy was cultivated in the past, the quantity was measured using a Para and hence when the Para got full it signifies prosperity. A filled Nelpara was always offered to the temple deity after the first harvest. This measuring unit was taken over by modern measuring units, but the significance still lasts in temples and other functions. During temple festivals the Para is filled with different kinds of material like, paddy, coins, turmeric and so one and is a part of an offering to the deity. The overflowing Para with these items indicates the overflowing prosperity that we wish in our life. Miniature version of this Para is available and can be used to decorate homes with a touch of tradition. The Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi will include visits to various heritage locations of Kerala and you can also buy such auspicious items when you set up your new home, so that they may usher in wealth and prosperity.

Another important aspect in Hindu traditions especially during marriages is the use of Astamangalyam Set which consists of eight auspicious materials that are carried on a large bronze vessel. This is placed in the puja altar during festival times and also is placed on the stage next to the lamp during wedding ceremonies. But the type of materials can also vary according to each function. The brass Uruli is a traditional cooking utensil used in Kitchens across Kerala. The most preferred dish that is cooked in this vessel is the payasam, but other dishes are also made in it. The brass Uruli is very significant during the festival of Vishu, where all the day to day items that you need in life is filled into this vessel , like rice, fruits, vegetable, clothe material and gold. This is kept in front of the deity of God and it is viewed as the first thing in the morning by all members of the family, signifying no shortage of all these items all year around. Huge Uruli’s can be seen in temples where the Prasad Payasam is made in them. Water is considered the life giving force in Indian culture and traditions, and hence the water dispenser or the Kindi is of great significance in the culture of Kerala. Water is considered a purifier, life giver and destroyer of all evil forces and nothing can parallel water to all its significant qualities. Hence the Kindi plays a center role in worship. The water in the Kindi is considered like the Goddess of Ganga and salutations are offered to it before commencing the prayer. Man cannot sustain without water and hence water plays a significant role along with fire in our culture and traditions. Kerala packages will consists of tour packages to all the tourists’ spots of your choice but you can also select a package which will help you to experience this rich culture and tradition.

ashtamangalya thattu

All these items are available in the handicraft stores and you can buy them as gifts to be shared with your loved ones, or you can use them to adorn your home and fill it with prosperity. The brass lamps are available in many different shapes and sizes, and even as hanging types too. The use of all these brass items will not only aesthetically brighten up your home, but you may also be able to keep tradition alive among your family in today’s world.

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