And the spirits dwell on…

As kids, one of our main adventures was to hear ghost stories from our parents or grandparents, and those stories get so deep into our brain that we were terrified to walk or sleep alone. Kerala is a place with many such stories; the land also has various paranormal activities in different places. An adventure loving traveller can easily witness this strange happening with the help of Different Kerala tour packages with price offered by Seasonz India Holidays. Some of such places famous for paranormal activities include the Trichur forest, Marayoor, Tripunithara, Kariavattom and much more.

Trichur forest:


The forest is a paradise for nature lovers and people who find trekking as a hobby, but only at daylight. After dawn the forest takes a different turn. According to the locals, the forest is a centre of different paranormal activities. Travellers and people camping around the forest have witnessed this strange activity. After the long travel, my friend reached the place by dawn, it is said that the strength of the paranormal activities doubles at night when the clock strikes 12.00 at midnight. it was said by the locals that a group of travellers who were unaware of the stories about the forest came camping around the area, by around 10.30 pm they started hearing strange noises of people rushing, footsteps and strangers sounds of babies. The climate of the forest took a sudden change from moderate to a chilling breeze and freezing cold the climate was its worst by midnight. The only option the campers had was to stick together hoping for the best. By sunrise, the climatic condition was said to become normal. They were forced to spend a sleepless night waiting for the sun. Luckily none of the stories about the forest included death or missing cases.



Marayoor is a hill station that you could find 40km to the north on your way to Munnar, it is said to be the only place in Kerala with natural sandal wood forest. It is a beautiful place with a mild climate, the land is said to have paranormal activities of an evil ghost. According to the natives, the ghost has the ability to take forms and control and a person’s mind. a number of people have become a witness to the activity, the evil ghost takes forms of close relatives and loved ones and takes the victim to the hill top the people who have come under the influence of the ghost has never returned. There are similar stories heard in the place where the ghost manipulates the mental state of the victim and makes them jump from the cliff. The natives of the area are well aware of the story and use religious ways and other methods to keep the ghost away from their family and friends

kuthiramalika-pjpegOnce in the fort area of Tripunithara, there was a Dutch palace named Devatha Malika, the palace was constructed mainly with the purpose to enter the then Maharaja of Kochi the Shaktan Thampuran. As the name suggested the place is said to be the house of celestial spirits, the building was constructed inside a huge complex called the Yakshithoppu. The word Yakshithoppu means the garden of spirits. It is said that when members of a family come to together it will be mostly to discuss the palace. According to the natives voices were heard from different parts of the palace and from the palace rooms. It was also a destination in most of the Thrilling Kerala tour packages. Visiting the place now will not be possible as the palace was demolished in the reign of Rama Varma XVI. It was said that at night time the air carried the seductive smell of flowers of Alstonia Scholaris.



Locals and other people have said to experience strange happening near the Kariavattom campus road from Techno park back gate, travellers and people crossing the back gate of the campus have had strange experiences. People are said to see a strange figure twice the size of a normal person crossing the paths at night time. it is said that a Techno park employee once tried crossing the road in his scooter came opposite to a speeding jeep, later on, his way he witnessed a power cut and in the dim light of his scooter he saw a figure double the height of normal person covered in something like a blanket and fatter than any normal person. Many people have witnessed this sight during night time after 9pm. people have also felt supernatural powers near the Hymavathi pond inside the Kariavattom complex.

The ghost of Vaduthala Mathai:

Vaduthala the place near the Perandoor Canal was not a place that we see today. It was a place filled with marshes and ruled by a notorious criminal Mathai. The stories say that the rowdy once abused women who complained about the happening to the then king of Edappally. The king punished Mathai with death; the hanging was done at a culvert across the canal.  It is believed that the place is haunted by Mathai’s ghost, people even now fear to go near the canal or walk alone through the rails. Local fishermen use to give offerings to the spirit of Mathai. Even now these beliefs do exist in the area within the locals.

There are still much-uncovered mystery and stories that rumour around different parts of Kerala. An adventurous traveller could easily visit these places to experience the supernatural power and witness the paranormal activities with the help of Best Kerala tourism packages. It is always confusing when you hear about such un-natural activities; it’s mainly because science does not have a clear explanation for these happenings. Whereas nature does give us some hints and clues about such activities. sometimes we do think that the stories we hear about the ghosts are just stories, where it is also true that when there is a god there is a devil too. If you believe in the power of God you should also believe in the evilness of the spirits.

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