Top 11 Bucket List Adventure Experiences of Kerala

Adventure-seekers in India or even abroad without any second thoughts can readily stopover at Kerala. There are lots of adventurous activities to keep one busy, whether it is challenging surf or a daring rock climb. The land of Kerala has everything to offer for its audacious travellers. Behold the ethereal beauty of the place all the while you travel from the coastal beaches to the mystic hills. Below are top bucket list adventure experiences that you may try your hand at while you are visiting Kerala. There are various others, but these are the top activities that have got the largest takers. Both the domestic and foreign tourists throng to this God’s Own Country solely for indulging in these adventure experiences and increase their adrenaline rush!

  1. Elephant Ride at their own Natural Habitat

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Being the state animal of Kerala, Elephant is made to walk in the festival procession started from any temples. They are the tamed animals nurtured only for that purpose that is usually found where the man resides. However, the wilder and adventurous options of travelling straight into the wild and riding on them at their natural habitat. Most cautiously, you are not supposed to attack the ones strolling casually in the forest. Instead, you may book any good rated adventure tour package that also includes an elephant ride based at any eco-tourism destinations. The lush green jungles of Kerala can be explored by taking an elephant ride, as they would offer the most exotic views of the wild. The most preferred locations for taking such exciting adventures are Wayanad, Thekkady and Munnar.

2. Cycling in the Forest Roads of Athirapally

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The path that takes you to the Athirapally Waterfalls is picturesque as they are surrounded by the wild trees and shrubs. You just need to rent a bike suitable for riding in the curviest roads of the hill station. The vast expanse of palm plantations all along the roads is yet another charming sight to behold while you cycle. Besides catching the glimpses of the largest waterfall of the state from a distant, you could find small streams of water at random distances. Also, you get to behold at the soothing Charpa Falls on yet another curvy path that leads you to the nearby popular Vazhachal waterfalls. Cyclers will be required to get permissions from the Kerala Forest Department, as the region comes under Edamalayar Reserve Forest. If you are more enduring enough to ride some more distance through the verdurous forests, you may extend your ride up to Valparai in Tamil Nadu which is at a distance of 70 km from Athirapally. Other popular cycling routes in Kerala are Kumily to Suryanelli, Vandiperiyar to Angamoozhy via Gavi, Mananthavady to Kakkavayal, and Annamalai to Munnar.

3. Surfing at Kovalam Beach

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The golden beaches of Kerala are already popular to have large enthralling azure waves. As far as the wave type of the beaches in Kerala is concerned they would be most suited for surfing. Of late, both the natives and foreign tourist had found great potentials for flourishing the adventurous ocean activities here in Kerala. With more number of tourists are travelling up to this part of the state sheer to indulge in surfing, tour companies are enclosing various surfing activities in their packages. However, for experiencing the best surfing, you may visit the beach from November to May. The companies, however, charge different price during different seasons. Some other fabulous seashores where the waves are just perfect for surfing activities are Poovar Beach, Hawah Beach and Varkala Beach. There are even surfing schools for beginners to learn surfing most professionally.

4. Driving along the Ponmudi Hills

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A drive through the majestic hills of Ponmudi would be the next daring thing in the list of top adventure experiences of Kerala. Ponmudi is one of the most popular hill stations located in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. These hills are on the southernmost parts of the Western Ghats. The hills are naturally home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The abrupt hairpin curves in the narrow pathways of Ponmudi would indeed test your driving skills in every aspect. Moreover, the misty clouds even present during the afternoons could be yet another challenging element of the drive. Furthermore, when you are driving across the lush green hills, you would also witness adorable rivulets, colourful butterflies and rare kinds of mountainous flowers very close by. You would only need to spare a single day to reach this alluring from the capital city.

5. Kayaking at Thekkady

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With too many serene backwaters flowing in the state, you may just have to pick the most suitable kayaking destination that satisfies your needs. There are the Kollam Alappuzha and Kumarakom Backwaters where you may enjoy with the water sport. However, the most adventurous one would be of Thekkady in Idukki district. Both the river and the adjacent forest cover with its rich diversity can closely be spotted while kayaking through the pristine waters of Thekkady. At some parts of Thekkady, you will be compelled to kayak through the narrow and deep canals making them a bit risky if you are not familiar with it. Additionally, the thick shrubs underneath the backwaters make it difficult for paddling at times. After all, it is this barrier that you come across in your sailing that makes them even more challenging.

6. Going for a Wildlife Safari

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For an exhilarating and adventurous trip through the real wild of Kerala, you must never fail to go for a forest safari in any national parks or wildlife sanctuaries of the state. You would find yourself standing in right in front of any random tiger or elephant if you choose to drop in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary situated in Idukki. Opt for the off-road Jeep Safaris to experience the exotic nature of the region. The narrowness between the pathways makes them scary. Nonetheless, the real adventure would be felt once riding through those bumpy roads. For those nerve cracking experiences, you may go for the nocturnal safaris, as you never know what sorts of birds and animals you would suddenly be rushing into. Other major wildlife safaris are offered from Parambhikulam Tiger Reserve in Palakkad, Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad and Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary which is also in Wayanad.

7. Paragliding in Vagamon

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It was only in the recent years that a popular adventure sport of Paragliding was introduced in the Idukki district Kerala. The hills of Vagamon, in every aspect, are favourable to indulge in a daring activity like Paragliding. Adventure Tourists from all across the country and from other countries prefer Vagamon to experience the Kerala version of Paragliding. Tourists from Delhi may often feel that they are gliding through the vast plains of Guruguon once they are up in the sky. However, hills of Vagamon and Kerala as a whole are different for their beautiful green patches of land all around. When viewed at a bird’s angle right up from the sky, they are way more mesmerizing. Packages with the inclusion of paragliding sessions are made available by the tour companies based in Idukki.

8. Trekking at Chembra Peak

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As a vast stretch of Western Ghats that expanse as a border all across the state of Kerala, the hills of the state are very much favourable for the adventure enthusiasts. Trekking at Chembra Peak of Wayanad, the highest in the state would be a memorable one for the scenic beauty that it offers profoundly. While climbing half up to the hills, you will be blessed to behold at the ever-charming heart-shaped pond. Not only the professional trekkers but also the random tourists also mount up to at least to this point solely for experiencing the ethereal beauty of the peculiarly looking water body. As far as the adventurous element of the climbing is concerned, they are a bit riskier than the other usual trekking spots of the state. Especially, after crossing the pond, the path that leads to the summit is dangerously steep. So, it is always recommended to be alert and cautious when trekking at this majestic peak of Chembra.

9. Staying Up in a Treehouse

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Although this may initially sound trivial, residing in the lap of nature all across the day is not that easy. By staying in any tree houses, you will be aloof from your normal stressful life. Wild animals such as large cats, wild boars, jackals, elephants, bears, pigs and the likes will be seen in closer shots very abruptly. The natural chirping of birds and the nocturnal sounds of cricket will be heard straight to your ears. Such a feeling would inevitably be a lifetime experience for those wishing to make the trip to Kerala to an adventurous deed. Once you are at the top of a tree in an elegantly hatched treehouse, you would feel more close to nature all by yourself in the wilds. This feeling of isolation from normal lives is one of the reasons that make them adventurous. The facilities of staying in a treehouse are provided by the major resorts in the state. One of the most preferred tree houses is in Athirapally and Wayanad.

10. White Water Rafting at Palavayal in Kannur

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Anyone would be shocked to realise that such an enthralling adventurous act is facilitated in the state of Kerala. River Tejaswini is at it’s at most energy when it reaches this particular spot.  The wild beauty of Northern forests adjacent to the Western Ghats can be experienced while rafting in these Class 2 and Class 1 water levels. Apart from that, you will be enjoying the thrills of gushing river waters amidst large rocks and branches of massive trees along its banks. All these barriers create a natural rapidness in the flowing river water. However, for reaching the deepest point of Tejaswini, you have to raft via the woods of Kamballur and Kasargod. Wilder side of the river can be seen during the monsoon while the undercurrents are dangerous and scary. If you are a beginner in this water sport, you may opt for Lower Tejaswini for rafting, as they are comparatively simpler and safe.

11. Zip Lining at Wayanad

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The adventure Capital of Kerala also hosts this new mode of adventure in a very creative manner, as they are set across the lush green plantations and small streams. The longest among these is the one at Vellarimala in Wayanad, which is mainly stretched across the soothing Karlad Lake.  Moving across this 300 m high extension steel rope will inevitably bring about an adrenaline rush in you, as you would feel like a bird flying high up in the sky.  Additionally, the adventure sport can be experienced by all enthusiasts who are not afraid of heights. Other prominent exciting zip lining services can be availed from Munnar.

So with these many ideas put forward, any adventure enthusiast may try visiting the splendid state of Kerala. There are many more adventure spots in Kerala. To visit them you may get the help of any good tour operators such as Dream Holidays, which is based in Kochi. The tour executives of the firm would be at its best serving in informing and taking you to your demanded adventurous tourist destinations. Moreover, to be indulged in these daring activities in most of the places, you will be required to book its tickets in advance.  So the tour consultants of the firm would assist you with all sorts facilities to provide you with a hassle-free journeying.

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