6 Most Ravishing Road Travel Routes in Kerala

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Kerala is blessed to have a diverse geographic condition. Say, for example, on its every 50 km every stretch, you could find the coastal plains, thick forests, coastal regions or majestic hills. There are obvious possibilities of varied road trip routes in this small strip of land amid the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Furthermore, these challenging road trips in nature’s lap could refresh you as nothing else can. The favourable climatic conditions present in the state for most of the days would be way more advantageous for the travellers. Even if it showers, the glorious land is going to gift you with another aesthetic beauty that can be seen nowhere else in the world.

The following are the most unique road trip routes in Kerala that anyone can journey through.

From Munnar to Thekkady

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Experiencing the real wildlife of Kerala, you may proceed from Munnar to Thekkady via the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The scenic 3 hours drive either in your vehicle or a taxi would be offering you with the mesmerizing view of lush of a huge expanse of lush green tea plantations alongside the verdant hills of Munnar. Furthermore, various tour packages are made available to the tourists visiting these regions, by which you may also stopover to the prominent tourist destination in between these two locations. If you are lucky enough you will be spotted with the adorable Nilgiri Tahr mounting in their natural habitat.

From Alappuzha to Changanassery

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The long straight road heading to Changanassery from Alappuzha is worth a road trip route as you could find the upper Kuttanad region on one side and a major part of the Vembanad Lake on the other at its best. Seasons immediately before the harvesting will bid you with a vast expanse of green paddy fields of Kuttanad, which is very aptly called the Rice Bowl of Kerala. There are numerous smaller and longer bridges across the Punnamada Lake, as it is exclusively called in the area in this scenic path. If you are on an empty stomach while passing through the road along the Allepey-Changanasery Canal, you may pull over your car and drop into any local eateries to savour the spicy traditional Kerala dishes.

From Thamarassery to Sulthan Bathery

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The alluring locations of Wayanad district would already be noticed erstwhile your visit to any tourist destination like Edakkal Cave or Ambukuthi Mala. So why not plan to set off for road trip from Thamarassery in the Kozhikode district to Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad. Crossing the steep hairpin curves of the Kozhikode-Wayanad Pass, you would be taken to the elevation to the height of a 2297ft at the Lakkidi View Point, which is considered as the Gateway of Wayanad district. Since then you will be blessed with the panoramic view of majestic hills all across. If the skies are misty, you may have a tough time driving in the slopes and curves. At times, the native monkeys residing in the hills may annoy you, if you are trying to feed them or disrupting their natural habitat.

From Kottayam to Wagamon

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Sparing the 63km stretch in between the literary capital of Kerala, Kottayam to the bewitching Wagamon for a road trip will never be regretted by any travel enthusiast. Though the challenging roads in this scenic route are more favourable for the bikers, the tourists who ply in cars or other modes do visit the charming hill station to refresh their minds. After reaching Wagamon, you may stopover to the Green Meadows and the Pine Forests for which the place is popular for. Moreover, there are vast expanses of tea plantations in either side of these narrow wild paths. Steering across these picturesque roads all by yourself will indeed be gifting you with a memorable driving experience.

From Athirapally to Valparai

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The roads leading to Valparai in Tamil Nadu that begins from Athirapally is a sheer treat to behold with numerous small waterfalls and via the lush green forest covers of Vazhachal. If you had started your journey in an early dawn you on any sunny day, stopover to the Athirapally waterfalls to behold at an ethereal rainbow formed across its rocky terrains. The skilfully arranged palm plantations on both sides of the well-paved roads in Athirapally is of a rare one that can be seen nowhere else in Kerala. Furthermore, towards the border of the state, you could see yet another version of the tea estate alike the Wayanad or Munnar hills. However, there are not many steep gorges in the Athirapally region as of the former, making it safe for the riders on this aspect of the adventurous drive. Nonetheless, they can be a bit risky as they are prone to the moving elephant herds for those travelling beyond the dusk.

From Marayoor to Munnar

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Although the sandalwood forest and the GI tagged jaggery of the Marayoor are known throughout Kerala, the daring travel route of the region from Idukki is indeed mesmerizing. Naturally, a rain shadow region, the village of Marayoor is rich in diversity comprising a large flora and fauna. Moreover, tourists usually opt for this glorious destination as their favourite trekking point. While you are on a road trip to Marayoor in either a motorbike or a taxi you will be witnessed to the pristine and untouched wonders of Mother Nature. Additionally, driving through Marayoor forest covers, which rates as a hot Eco-Tourism spot from Munnar is only going to spare a couple of hours from your valuable time, but would be worth a road trip!

So with these many road trip routes available to the travel enthusiasts, you just need to pick the right one or sheer all of that, if you are a serious travel junkie. However, journeying up to these glorious locations can be a nightmare if you are not much familiar with the local routes or when you are not a real expert in driving. In these instances, you will require any efficient cab services like Dream Cabs, as they have engaged the best drivers to take their customers to the said destinations with utmost comfort.  You have the best choices to select your preferred car required for your dream journey by booking online all at your repose.

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