11 Fascinating Facts about Dubai Creek that You Never Knew Before

A favorable mode of transport has always got the potential to transform an inactive location to an engaging global hub. The long creek flowing amidst the deserted region of Dubai can be claimed as one of the reasons for turning out to be a bustling city even centuries back. Old massive ships and dhows sailed through the saltwater creek for various trading purposes. Now, this is a space for more tourism than that of the trade and commercialism. Henceforth, when visiting Dubai, a voyage in any kind of boats across the Dubai Creek can be a bucket list visit.

The following are some of the fascinating facts about Dubai Creek that you never knew before.

There is a bird sanctuary alongside the banks of the Creek

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The shallow waters of the Dubai Creek are home to a variety of fish species. So birds from the nearby region do visit the abundant space, which was later preserved as Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. It is always quite surprising that thousands of birds are flying up to these wetlands located merely few distances away from the major city.

Cheapest souvenirs of Dubai are sold from the shops alongside the Creek

 When visiting a tourist hub like Dubai, taking some souvenirs back home is one among the most sought after things to be done without any fail. They can be availed at cheap prices. Commodities in the nearby shops can range from perfumes to spices.

Gold can be purchased on lowest rates on the bargaining

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Although this may sound silly, this does happen in the nearby Gold Souk that is lining alongside the Dubai Creek. Moreover, it is said that the gold even if purchased in special Packages are of the best quality. So in your very next tour to Dubai, spare some Emirate Dirham to buy them.

The present large creek is actually man-made

At first, the creek was merely a small gap that functioned as a canal for the minor vessels to sail up to the larger harbour. However, soon after forming a split in the 1950s, the then ruler of Dubai ordered to expand the Creek in both depth and length. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum envisioned that it would be fruitful for the entire trading purposes of Dubai.

Early tribe settlers of Creek are the present rulers of Dubai

Bani Yas tribe of the ancient period are claimed to be the first settlers of the land. They were very crucial in the creation of the dynasty of Al Maktoum. Currently, the descents of that existed dynasty are the present ruling family of the Sultanate of Dubai. 

Dubai Creek is also a border of two different districts

Deira and Bur Dubai are two places positioned on either side of the creek. These regions together are combined to form the Downtown of Dubai. However, the basic cultures existing in these places are in every means Arab, whether it is the markets, museums or heritage buildings.           

Cable cars at the Creek Park are one of the cheapest in the world

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Travellers on tour to Dubai can avail this particular ride at a comparatively lower price rather than any other services you may get in the luxurious city of Dubai. The daring ride across these cable cars is obviously more stimulating than the ones you could find in either Palakkad or Coimbatore. As before moving in its 2.3 km stretch, you will be taken to a height of 30m from the ground level.

Golf Clubhouse built in the shape of Dhows is nearby

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Arabs always try to bring their special essence in whatever they make and build. These are very much visible in their architectural styles too. So is this waterfront Golf Club House that is built in the unique shape of a traditional Arab Dhow. Apart from that, an adjacent Yacht Club House adjacent the Creek conducts famous tournament such as the Dubai Desert Classic. Moreover, special training packages are also made available in the clubs.

Dubai Creek was later extended to Palm Jumeirah

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The length of the Creek had always been in the headlines, as they were altered every now and then for various purposes. Moreover, when the magnificent Palm Jumeirah was built in the beginning of this eventful millennium, the saltwater from the Creek was made to flow through this part of the lively Dubai.

It was River Zara to the Greeks

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Although the saltwater creek of Dubai was linked to the Arab Sea in various places, the early invader of Greece used to call them a ‘river.’ Moreover, in Greek, the name meant as ‘bright as the dawn’ that was in sync with the shallow waters of the Creek. Also, it was a major source for pearl collection ever since from 2500BC. Furthermore, the river waters were brimming with a large population of edible fishes.

Warplanes used to land on the banks of the Creek

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This can be a very surprising fact to any lame traveller to Dubai. Never in their dreams would have thought that this part of the world was a participant in the epic World War II. Around eight planes used to make their space alongside the banks of the Dubai Creek for landing purposes. Nonetheless, for the first-ever time, a warplane was made to land way back in 1937.

Dubai is one that city in the world that celebrates both old Arab traditions and world-class luxuries in a balancing way. Or more plainly, these are just unique to the city. One needs to experience themselves by indeed travelling to Dubai rather than by just knowing about them in any other means. So when you are up to Dubai, never ever forget to share your travel aspirations with Dubai Tour Trawell. The efficient tour company will aid you every travel procedures. If you are an ardent traveller you just need to refer their various interesting tour packages available online and just go flying!

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