Some intriguing facts about the Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai

Dubai is an exquisite destination for rejuvenation and enjoyment. Hundreds of travellers flock to the city annually to mesmerize their hearts with awe-inspiring images of spectacular infrastructures. The emirate is well-known for its man-made wonders. It is always said that with constant hard work and immense dedication a person could conquer the world. Dubai is the perfect instance of the same. No one ever imagined […]

My first Bungee Jumping with my Hubby at Dubai

I soon got a job in a reputed multinational company after completing my graduation. Like every woman, I started enjoying my spinster life with my friends in Hyderabad. Even though most of my friends were from different states our cultural differences didn’t hinder our friendship. During the weekends we used to visit almost all the tourist places. One year after joining the company my parents started searching for […]

A Get-Together of Friends At Dubai

Standing on the tallest building of the world and witnessing the glory of the illuminated towers, riding on the camel and savoring the Arab delicacies. Playing in the snow park, strolling through the streets of Dubai Creek and participating in the world-famous Dubai shopping festival (dsf)… I was busy collecting things from the dsf street shops. Suddenly I heard the cooker whistling…I wondered how it […]

A Few Interesting Facts about Burj Khalifa

In the early 90s, Dubai was a mere sandy desert with camels wandering here and there. Nobody at that time thought the desert land would turn out to be the world’s most dazzling city. When we take Dubai as an example for 10 years of challenge without any regret the city stands on the top position of the most sought tourist destinations in the world. […]

11 Fascinating Facts about Dubai Creek that You Never Knew Before

A favorable mode of transport has always got the potential to transform an inactive location to an engaging global hub. The long creek flowing amidst the deserted region of Dubai can be claimed as one of the reasons for turning out to be a bustling city even centuries back. Old massive ships and dhows sailed through the saltwater creek for various trading purposes. Now, this […]

Tailoring special Moments with my Hubby in Dubai

Honeymoon is the most awaiting trip for the newlywed couples. The trip is considered so important for married couples. It is the only moment where couples can bring their hearts to their mouths. Couples always suggest romantic trips soon after their marriage. It is to refresh their souls and minds from the hectic marriage rituals and functions. In past trips after marriage was not so […]

Top 4 Enthralling Water Theme Parks in Dubai

The stupendous city of Dubai has always been a favorite destination among travelers across the globe. It is not only me but the people who visited the city have always quoted that Dubai is an amalgamation of fun, entertainment, adventure, fashion, shopping malls, water theme parks, multiplex theatres, and many more. It is one of the few places in the world where people can observe […]