A Few Interesting Facts about Burj Khalifa

In the early 90s, Dubai was a mere sandy desert with camels wandering here and there. Nobody at that time thought the desert land would turn out to be the world’s most dazzling city. When we take Dubai as an example for 10 years of challenge without any regret the city stands on the top position of the most sought tourist destinations in the world. More than the natives the city is now sheltered to foreigners especially south Indians. No wonder why once a famous writer quoted ‘Once the sand of Dubai has settled on your shoulders you can never shake it off’. And what it is stated is absolutely right. Travelers who visited the city have always commented that the city has some magnetic power which compels them to visit it again. We all are familiar with the famous proverb ‘money cannot buy happiness’. After your Dubai tour, you will definitely remove the negative word from it. People visit the city for different purposes such as business, education, fashion, and so on. Most of the people return back to their hometown others settle down there as they consider the city as an ocean of opportunities. There are some people who desperately want to visit the city to enchant its splendid beauty.  As they don’t have any close relatives or friends over there, they are forced to drop their dreams. For such people travel partners like Dubai Tour Trawell organize packages to explore the city from corners of the country like Pune, Chennai, and Delhi. As the city is blessed with awe-inspiring skyscrapers and magnificent man-made wonders like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai Mall, Miracle Garden, Bollywood Park, Amusement parks and many more, you will be confused from where to start the trip what to see first and so on. Along with these, the stunning bridges, amazing Emirate mall will marvel your hearts. people from various corners of the world visit the city to discover the hot and smooth sandy deserts. Visitors often avail desert safaris to explore its soothing beauty. Travelers are more interested to purchase overnight safaris where they could entertain themselves by enjoying belly dance. Female visitors can decorate their beautiful hands with gorgeous natural Mehendi. They will get a marvelous chance to savor traditional Arabic foods and Barbecue nation dishes under the dark sky with dazzling stars. Also, they can catch the golden rays of the rising sun in the morning. Dubai Tour Trawell is the only company that facilitates travelers to indulge in various adventure activities such as, trekking, hot air balloon flight, sea diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, rock climbing, banana boat riding, jet riding, and scuba diving and many more. Even if you don’t visit the amusement parks and beaches don’t forget to visit the world’s tallest building –Burj Khalifa. One whole day is required to visit the skyscraper. If the itinerary of the package doesn’t allow you to spend long hours in the tower, you can talk with your customer executive to customize the package. Dubai Tour Trawell team is always ready to customize their packages as per travelers’ needs.

Burj Khalifa

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The world’s tallest skyscraper and also termed as the 8th man-made wonders in the world, Burj Khalifa with a height of 828 meters stands on the downtown of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa was constructed by Emmar properties. The Burj Khalifa stands for ‘Khalifa Tower’ in Arabic. More than its height it is its observation deck which lures travelers to the city. During the inauguration of the tower, it had only two observation decks on 124th and 125th floors at the height of 452 meters and named as ‘At the top’. Eventually, this record was overtaken by the observation deck in Canton tower in China. As we all know Dubai does not like the second position then constructed a new observation deck on the 148th floor at an elevation of 555 meters and baptized as ‘At the top Sky’. It requires only 10 seconds to reach the observation deck. You can also taste global mouth-watering cuisines. At Mosphere restaurant on the 122nd floor by viewing a stunning view of the Persian Gulf. Travelers can visit the observation deck by availing entry passes. The rates vary according to the timings. The cost is a bit high during the evenings. You can avoid the last time rush by booking the tickets online.

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The Burj Khalifa is surrounded with a mind-blowing park, Burj Khalifa Park. Just like the tower captured millions of hearts so as the park. The park was designed based on the flower called Hymenocallis, a famous desert plant. A wide array of pools and water jet fountains together comprised in a water room is positioned at the center of the park. Every day the plants are watered from the building’s cooling system. Travelers could spot the images of Burj Khalifa and Hymenocalis flower at the benches and signs in the park. Adjacent to the tower one could view a fabulous water fountain more commonly known as Dubai Fountain. In the evenings one could observe the fountain illuminated in different colors and dancing in accordance with the music.

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After learning the interesting facts about the Burj Khalifa you will be excited to visit the tower. Who doesn’t like to click photographs standing on the observation deck with whole Dubai as the background? Who doesn’t like to savor scrumptious delicacies at the restaurants on the sky (literally?) So what are waiting for hurry up and grab the tour packages as soon as possible. If you have any friends or relatives residing in Hyderabad inform them also. Dubai Tour Trawell has curated special offers for the people from Telugu speaking state. If you have any concerns regarding the accommodation, cab services, package rates and so on without any hesitation you can contact the business executives at the office time. When you pack your bags for the trip don’t forget to carry sunglasses and a high-resolution camera with extra memory cards.

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