Kerala Sky Adorned With Colored Birds

Kerala is a perfect destination for nature lovers. When we hear the word Kerala the first thing which runs into our mind is the coconut palm-fringed trees oscillating in cool air. Whenever we plan a tour to Kerala what we expect is to view the sun- toasted beaches with pristine sea waters, tranquil backwaters, traditional and luxury houseboats, splendid nature, funnel-shaped valleys blanketed with emerald plantations of coffee, tea and spices and many more. To enchant the majestic view of amazing species of flora and fauna tourists while visiting Kerala can avail of the treehouses in their travel packages. People from different parts of the country such as Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Mumbai visit the fabulous state to witness the stupendous beauty of nature. If we ask any of the tourists what they like the most about Kerala. They would obviously say sailing in wooden houseboats and viewing the real beauty of unspoiled village streets stole their soul. Followed to it will be the magnificent hill stations covered with mist and fog. People often visit the hilltops like Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad, and Palakkad as an escapade from the terrible summer heat. Other than the hill stations travelers can also observe the marvelous ancient monuments and can learn more about the historical period by strolling through the least visited streets. Above all these does anyone know that Kerala is being home to several species of birds and animals? There are many bird sanctuaries such as Thattekkad bird sanctuary, Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Mangalavanam bird sanctuary, Kadalundi bird sanctuary and Pathiramanal bird sanctuary where birds are protected from human invasions and other threatening activities. The following sections will help you to learn more about the birds, their habitat and unique way of living and many more.

  1. Nilgiri LangurKerala tour packages

The Nilgiri Langur is commonly seen in hilly areas of Kerala, Karnataka, Kodagu, and Tamil Nadu. It is scientifically called as Semnopithecus johnii. This rare species is seen in black fur in their body and with golden fur in their heads. They mainly consume leaves, fruits, and shoots. They are smaller in size and their long tail resembles gray langurs.

  1. Great Hornbillcheap and best kerala tour packages

The Great Hornbill is known in different names such as Great Pied Hornbill, Concave – Casqued hornbill, and Great Indian Hornbill. It is considered as the ‘King of the forest’. In the Malayalam language, it is known as ‘Vezhambal’. They are mainly found in Southeast Asia and in India. Studies reveal that their life expectancy rate is nearly 50 years. Basically they are frugivorous they consume on small reptiles, insects, and birds. Male Great Hornbill is taller than females. The sound of the bird during the flight is so long that it could be heard from a long distance. They fly in great heights. Humans often disturb great hornbills by hunting. They kill the bird for various reasons. The flesh of the bird is used for medicinal purposes, its beak and head are used in charms. Zomi tribes cannot imagine a festival without hornbill feathers. A younger bird of Great Hornbill is considered a delicacy. It is very proud to say that the King of the forest –Great Hornbill is selected as the state animal by Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh and Chin state in Myanmar.

  1. Nilgiri Wood PigeonKerala trip plan

The Nilgiri Wood Pigeon is assumed to be the largest pigeon found in the Western Ghats and in moist deciduous forests. They are scientifically called as Columba elphinstonii. The dark grey bird is usually seen in groups or in pairs. They consume trees and fallen fruits, small snails, and invertebrates.

  1. Malabar Grey Hornbillkerala tour packages from ahmedabad

The Malabar Grey Hornbill which is also known as Ocyceros griseus scientifically is mainly seen in the Western Ghats and other hills of south India. They are mainly seen in premises of coffee plantations, areca nut, and rubber. They always move in groups by feeding on forest fruits, figs, etc. Their laughing and cackling sounds have become part and parcel of the local resident’s life. Even though they are frugivores they consume on small vertebrates. Male Malabar Grey Hornbill has a reddish bill and a female with a plain yellow bill.

  1. Grey-headed BulBulKerala packages

The Grey-headed bulbul is scientifically baptized as Pycnonotus priocephalus. It is mainly seen in southern regions. The other name of Grey-headed bulbul is Yellow-bellied Bulbul. It is mainly seen in the moist evergreen forest. The plumage is seen in olive-green color. The call of the bird is like a sharp chraink. They are either found in groups or single.

  1. Nilgiri Pipitkerala tour packages from chennai

The Nilgiri Pipit is seen in high ranges of south India. They are named scientifically as Anthus nilghiriensis. They are non-migratory birds and like to fly in low trees. They are either found in pairs or single. They usually breed during the summer season i.e. from April to July.

The above-mentioned birds are only a few from a wide range of birds. Who doesn’t like to see birds in different colors and invariant structures flying in a flock in various patterns (sometimes in ‘V’ shape) in the sky? Who doesn’t like to hear birds’ melodious songs while they fly high in the sky? Such scenic images will definitely propel people to buy packages. Every year a large number of tourists visit Kerala to witness this majestic view with their dear ones. In the case of tourists don’t think that only foreigners are availing Kerala tour but people from metro cities like Delhi, Pune, and Ahmedabad also visit the state to become the part of eccentric beauty. Not like the past plenty of travel partners are available to help the tourists to visit different tourist destinations. And one such tour operator is Gogeo Holidays. They have been organizing several tours to Kerala for many years. If you are planning to avail of their packages you can directly contact their customer executives. You can also purchase the packages online by visiting their website. When you visit Kerala don’t forget to carry an additional camera for clicking beautiful photographs of rare and amazing species of birds in and outside the sanctuaries.

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