6 Exceptional Reasons Why Kerala is a Safe Place for Solo Woman Travellers

Kerala is an absolute standout from all other states of the country for its distinct factors. So are the reasons that make it safe for woman travellers to choose Kerala over other tourist destinations. Furthermore, heading up to any scenic locations all by yourself without being depended on anybody else very talks about the freedom that you enjoy and had longed for. There are diverse interesting things and places to be explored by yourself on your most awaited getaway to the enchanting place of Kerala. Below mentioned could be the reasons that explain why the state of Kerala is a safe haven for the women travelling alone.

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More literate people

The state of Kerala is already known and appreciated for being the most literate in the entire country. Moreover, in the field of healthcare and education also, Kerala beats back all the other places. Henceforth, the people here are more aware of the whereabouts on what is happening around the world. As far a lone woman traveller is concerned, they don’t have to get worried and confused if they has lost their way and is requiring any help. Furthermore, they will be more versed in both the international language like English and would be understanding Hindi, unlike other south Indian states. So you may converse with them easily and ask for the help that requires.

Tourist friendly cabs

The cab facilities made available to the tourist in Kerala could be accessed by you easily while you are on tour to this Gods Own Country. You may find them in all the parking areas of all the airports, bus stands and railway stations. Apart from that, the rickshaws plying in all the major cities and villages alike is a major mode of affordable transport used by the common population. You may just hire them and head to any destination you are wishing for without any hassles. Meanwhile, if you had planned your holidaying in Kerala once relying on any tour packagesyou never have to worry about moving to different places by your own as they would have already hired their company taxis for this very purpose. Additionally, you may also avail the services of numerous choices of online taxi services made available here in Kerala.

More woman population than that of men          

People who live and work like you form the largest group in the state of Kerala. The sex-ratio of women and men count in Kerala is the highest in the country than all other states. So definitely you will rush into more women than that of men on your path. To some of the lone woman travellers, when you get to see more people like them on their way, they may feel more relieved and brave enough. However, for some daring lots, meeting less people like them around is never their matter of concern.  Even for some travellers, these favourable situations can encourage them to step more out of their safe zones.       

Friendly and helpful locals

This can be a very fruitful thing, especially when you are travelling to a whole new travel destination once after your core research. Take, for example, say, when travelling to any North Indian states, at least a vast majority of people you meet by on your way would maybe indifferent or arrogant to you. Some of them could even ignore you while you are requesting for any help. Meanwhile, this will not be the case, here in Kerala. All the local population here would be providing their helping hands and would mentally be very supportive in spite of the difficulties they may feel when they are unable to communicate fluently in either English or Hindi. Such instances can very well be analysed from the trending videos made on touring in Kerala by popular vloggers.

Connecting public transports

The state of Kerala is blessed with a well-advanced network of public transport whether it is trains, buses, taxis, boats or rickshaws. Such facilities can be very helpful to the lone woman travellers visiting the place. Besides the ticket fares for these modes of transports are fairly cheap that anybody could easily afford. However, when you are travelling to Kerala with tour packagesyou will not be required to grope for the availability of these public transports as they will be providing you with the best cab services that could take you to different tourist locations you had demanded. And the very next thing boon of public transport is that you would never have to worry about being desolated in any means of transport, as Kerala is already a densely populated region. So when you are on tour to any destination, you would possibly be travelling in any crowded trains or buses or boats rather than alone.

Woman friendly government schemes

As mentioned before about the finest health and educational circumstances existing in Kerala, the schemes that have been launched for the empowerment of the female population here is very commendable. The model of Nirbhaya scheme working with the mission of preventing abuse on woman and children is also functioning so well until now. When talking about the issues faced by the woman travellers to Kerala, the place for their safe accommodation is a major setback. However, the government had made a solution for that also with the launching of the whole new concept of She Lodges, which is about providing hostel facilities solely for women in different parts of Kerala.

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Once you had made your mind to travel alone to an unknown place, nothing could stop you from that endeavour. For this very purpose, the state of Kerala could be one of your most favourite travel destinations, as it comprises of numerous mystic hills, golden seashores and serene backwaters for you to explore. Moreover, journeying to these unique tourist spots alone after finding your own paths with your own ideas could be very challenging. And once you had made your expedition to a successful one, you could again confirm yourself that you are indeed an independent keen traveller.  At any instant of your travel, if you are experiencing any sort of difficulties while travelling, you may contact any efficient tour companies like that of Gogeo Holidays, who could help you with any kind of assistance that a traveller requires. They have got the best tour executives and most appropriate packages to help you around when you travel.  

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