How Much Responsible Are Tourism Ventures of Vaikom in Kerala? 7 Reasons to Prove That

Tourism had got new definitions most recently by being more responsible to the environment they are living in. After all, the major motive of travel destinations across the globe is to implement sustainable tourism. Moreover, many of them had accomplished something at the end of the day and others are trying to emulate. Some major tourist destinations in Kerala too have tried their hand and had found success at a greater extent. The best examples of them would be of Kumarakom, Vythiri, Kovalam, Ambalavayal and Thekkady. But here we are going to discuss the procedures taken by the scenic location of Vaikom situated at the North-western part of Kottayam district in Kerala.

Given below are the reasons to prove that the whole concept of Responsible Tourism had flourished to a greater extent in the small town of Vaikom in Kerala.

Weaving industry can be visited by the tourists

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The weaving industry of Vaikom had been thriving and even various freedom and social struggles involving its employers had created histories. However, after quite a while, it had stunned and is a gradual recovery under the intrusion of tourism. The initiatives taken for the revival of Handloom textile weavers in Hyderabad were far different from those in Vaikom, as here the latest designers were making their contributions by inculcating them in their special collections. For a day out, the tourists could be taken to these weaving Centre for an informative tour.

Dredge of lime shells from the lake can be witnessed

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Such a practice of digging up shells from the lake bed had been followed in the fishing methods of Kerala. People who are dredging them will dip deep into the water after jumping from the small country boats and search for the shells immensely.       Tourist visiting the remote places of Vaikom could watch and analyse the whole procedure of getting the meat inside it to the plates and the outer shells for other uses. Such primitive ways of consuming them would be absolutely novel to them. So there would be few operators who could include these activities in their tour packages.

Utensil made of clay and mud

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The old methods of making kitchen utensils out of clay and mud would be revived back for attracting the tourist population coming here. The villages of Vaikom were also popular for quality potteries manufactured from the place. Travellers approaching the village potters could also get to try their hand in the making of the clay vessels and other utensils on the primitive horizontally rotating wheels. They are made to realize that life led here in the small state of Kerala was exquisite yet simple.

Fishing in those primitive ways are still followed

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Just like any other lakeside travel destination, the hamlets of Vaikom also adorn various kinds of fishing methods like that of the one with Chinese nets, angling, with traditional triangular nets and various others. Even when you are strolling alongside the lake, you will be able to behold at those fishermen plying across the waters in those country boats. There is no glitz and glamour anywhere you turn to, yet the views around you will be delightful in the village.

Projects that are targeted on helping the local craftsmen

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As cited earlier, each of the tourists will be welcomed to engage in the village activities like that of fishing, pottery, weaving and many more. So while participating in them, they will be in dire need of the local craftsmen to demonstrate for them. Similarly, various other measures had been introduced to increase the potential of tourism in Vaikom. Through these indirect methods, the local population would also be able to earn something, hence empowering their financial conditions.

Discussion of tourism project is done from the grass-root level

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The activities that would make the tourists coming to Vaikom engaging should be interesting and lively enough to attract more travellers to the place. So many heads are thinking together to find success at the end of the day. For the same, meetings are conducted to discuss different ideas to flourish in tourism prospects. This would be participated by both the local bodies of governance and the residents of the villages.

Canoe cruises are preferred over motorboats

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These are the latest initiatives taken by the tourism department to promote the significance of backwaters in these parts of Kerala. Along with backwaters, the tourists coming here could also avail the golden opportunity of canoeing in the narrow canals and other small water bodies by their own. Moreover, rowing by your hands alone with a paddle can be labelled as that eco-friendly way of exploring things rather than that of the motorboats. Also, the experience of paddling here would remind you of canoeing in the Sulur Lake near Coimbatore.

The success of the PEPPER

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This is comparatively a new initiative launched by the Tourism Department of Kerala and villages of Vaikom deserved enough to be chosen for it, at least on an experimental basis. Now they had grown to a responsible tourist destination from merely a spiritual centre at the land of well-known Vaikom Mahadeva Temple. But now, the naturally sumptuous location had flourished to become a PEPPER destination. Basically, PEPPER stands for People’s participation in participatory planning and Empowerment through Responsible Tourism. Such a project was even backed up by the World Tourism Organization (WTO).

With the facts and reasons given above, we will be compelled to admit that the concept of tourism implemented in Vaikom is indeed Responsible Tourism. Nevertheless, the real ambiance of the quaintness of the picturesque suburb can be experienced by solely visiting them. The Lelagoon Holidays based in Kochi had framed many diverse tour packages by including thrilling activities to engage you in every way. Apart from Vaikom, the popular tour company has set many packages for you to explore the more exciting travel destinations of Munnar, Allepey, Thekkady, Wayanad, Kovalam, Kochi, Athirapally and many more. Above all that, you could avail of their reliable services at incredibly lower rates.

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