The 4 Stupendous Sun-kissed Beaches in Thrissur

There was a time when people hesitate to spend their valuable time inside the house. All liked to indulge in outdoor activities. Elders engaged in farming and other agricultural works whereas kids spend their leisure time playing various games related to nature. There was a time when students were given the primary education, not in the well-furnished classrooms but in amidst of forest. This method of teaching helped them to remain close to nature and analyse minute changes in the environment. It also helped to build a strong bond with Mother Nature. Today thing has changed a lot. With the advancements in technology, people who spend most of their time outdoors now hesitate to remain under the sun. They were very keen to play with the electronic gadgets and view soap operas telecasted on television. Such activities help us to provide entertainment but indirectly affected human relations. More than the relationship with the people it is the emerald nature that has been affected badly. No one found time to conserve the natural resources or detect slight changes in it.  It is the duty of each mankind to look after nature and its resources.

There would be no one in the universe who do not like to play with water. Most of us like to visit beaches. There may be many reasons for individuals to visit the beaches. Some may visit as part of their leisure activity. Some find the spot as an exquisite destination to spend quality time with their dear ones. And other groups of people find the place as the perfect spot to wipe all stresses and tensions and compare the situation with the roaring tides kissing the sun-kissed beaches. Whatever may be the purpose the ultimate aim of beaches is to marvel each and every individual who keep their feet on the sand dunes. Almost all the countries comprise stunning beaches and pristine seas. When talking about Kerala, the state is bejewelled with fascinating beaches. People from various corners of the country such as Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Ahmedabad avail of the best tour packages to explore the mesmerizing charm of silver-lined beaches. The state is a cluster of 14 districts. Each district has tales to share with its visitors. Just consider Thrissur district. There was a time when only the locals occupied the secluded beaches. But now things have changed a lot of inter-state people have started showing their interest in visiting the least explored beaches of the district. Several resorts and food corners have been set up shores of the beach so that visitors from faraway places could enjoy the vibes in their way. Stroll with me through the following paragraphs and study more about the spectacular beaches of the district.

Periyambalam Beach

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Periyambalam beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the district. Situated at a distance of 40 km from Thrissur the southern part of the beach comprises mainly two small beaches called Mannalamkunnu and Edakazhiyoor. The Periyambalam beach is sandwiched between Chavakkad and Ponnani routes. The beach is popular among the tourists not only because of its picturesque landscapes and clean surroundings but for the most the presence of aromatic herb called Ramacham in abundance. Where ever you traverse in the beach the fragrance of Ramacham will lure you. Even the air of the beach carries medicinal properties. Ramacham is used as an important element in preparing herbal soaps.

Snehatheeram Beach

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Do you know the meaning of the word ‘Snehatheeram’? It means ‘the shore of love’. The Snehatheeram beach is situated at a distance of 25 km from Thrissur town. As the name denotes the beach is not exclusively opened for the newly married couple. The beach is conquered by families especially by small kids. The children’s parks and various leisure activities captivate kids to propel their parents to visit the place again. The beach is closely situated to Thalikulam. Therefore travellers who hail from Coimbatore, Mumbai, Delhi and various other parts could halt at Thalikualm resorts- A well-functioned resort in Kerala by availing of tour packages. The beach has accredited with the title- cleanest shore in Kerala. It is said that the beach is a haven for adventure activities such as parasailing, paragliding and so on. Visiting the beach during monsoon season is not appreciated. The favourable time to visit the beach is during the summer seasons.

Chavakkad Beach

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Chavakkad Beach is situated on the northern parts of Thrissur district. To be very frank the beach actually situated in Blangad- a 2 km distance from Chavakkad. So basically it should be known as Blangad beach but no one knows why it is called Chavakkad beach! The beach is surrounded by palm-fringed coconut trees and fishermen. The region is highly populated with coastal people. Over there travellers could see various kinds of fishing equipment and boats. The region is highly blessed with medicinal herbs. On your visit to the beach, you can inculcate the following places in your itineraries such as Punnathur Kotta, Palayur Church, Ramachampadam Farmland, and the famous Guruvayoor temple.

Nattika Beach

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Before explaining the features of Nattika beach let me ask a question to the readers especially those who belong to Kerala. Have you seen the evergreen Malayalam movie-‘Chemmeen’? If you have seen the movie at least once in your lifetime you will never forget the scenery and location where it was shot. The mesmerizing natural landscape and sun-kissed beaches were taken from the infamous and virgin Nattika beach. The beach was not so popular until the success of the movie. Nattika beach is situated at a distance of 32 km from Thrissur town. The beach has now turned out to be one of the captivating tourist destinations in Kerala. The best way to explore the scintillating charm of the surrounding avail of a cruise and sail through the backwaters, located at a few kilometres from the beach.

From the above paragraphs, you might have clearly understood the specialities of the stunning beaches in the Thrissur district. So what are waiting for? Don’t you feel to visit these beaches with your families? Hurry up and grab the packages from Lelagoon Holidays before it expires. On your tour to the beach do not forget to carry sunglasses!

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