Do You Know The Interesting Facts About Pallippuram Fort?

Kerala always astonishes the world with spectacular natural wonders. Even though the state lies in the southern portion of India it captivates the tourists across the globe by its scintillating features such as astonishing historic monuments, amazing collections of fauna and flora, mind-blowing hill stations, meandering rivers, pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls, and many more. Kerala is one of the fastest-growing states in India. The state not only absorbs the latest technologies but also protects its unique traditions and culture. For economic stability, many states destroy ancient monuments and structures. But Kerala would be one of the few states in the nation that adopt several measures to protect the scintillating infrastructures and made it accessible for the common people. Padamanbhapuram palace, Thripunithura Hill Palace, Sakthan Thampuram Palace, Museums, National Parks, Sanctuaries, and many more are the few instances that showcase the love of Keralites towards ancient structures.

Visiting ancient monuments will help you to learn more about past in depth. With the help of a tour guide you can clarify all your doubts then and there itself. There have been debates and discussions on whether to protect these ancient buildings. Many intellectual people came forward and put forward many statements that support the importance of preserving ancient monuments. If once these structures are destroyed, it cannot be reconstructed again and that is the main reason why the government is sheltering it. There are many forts in Kerala such Bekal fort, Pallippuram fort, Kottappuram fort and so on. These were constructed during the time of war and also to protect themselves from enemies. So in the following paragraphs let us have a glimpse on Pallippuram Fort situated in Ernakulam district.

Pallipuram Fort


Pallipuram fort is one of the majestic historical monuments situated in Vypeen in Ernakulum district. The fort reminds us of the ancient days of Kerala. The fort was constructed by Portuguese in 1503. In 1661 Dutch conquered the fort but in 1789 it was bought by the king of the state of Travancore. Currently, the fort is preserved by the Kerala state department of archaeology. The fort is commonly called as ‘alikotta’ or ‘ayikotta’. The Pallippuram fort is situated on the route between North Paravur and Munnabam. The hexagonal structure is an eye-catching attraction in Kerala. Hundreds of tourists accompany their family for touring the fort and the nearby attractions by purchasing tour packages at cheap rates from travel operators. What makes the fort so popular is its magnificent architecture. Each side of the structure is 34 feet wide, 32 feet long with 6 feet thickness. Each side of the fort has three embrasures of size 2×2.5 feet. The height of the lowest floor is raised up to 5 feet. The fort is made out of laterite, chunam and wood. Mortars were used to plaster the walls. Granites have been used to construct slabs. Like every historical monument, the pallippuram fort also has an underground passage that led to some unknown places. People say by traversing the underground passage one could dig out hidden treasures. Right now the passage has been permanently closed. The open space inside the fort consists of the cellar. The cellars are considered to be a tunnel where gun powders are stored in a large quantity. The local people residing near the Pallippuram fort claims that the cellar tunnel leads to Cheraman Masjid situated in Kodungallur in Thrissur district.

Do you know why Pallippuram Fort was constructed?

pallipuram-fort-ernakulam3Initially, the fort was constructed to check the functionality of ships that used to sail back and forth from Periyar to the Arabian Sea. As aforementioned, the purpose of constructing cellar is to store gun powders. Several buildings, churches and hospitals add beauty to the fort. In 1662 the Dutch conquered the fort from Portuguese followed to Portuguese many eminent rulers from various corners of India. Several attempts were made by the Mysore ruler to conquer but each time he was defeated. Understanding the importance of the fort it was later purchased by the state of Travancore in the year 1789. In 1909 government of Travancore constructed a memorial in front of the fort. And in 1964 the fort was undertaken by the department of archaeology.

Do you know how the Pallippuram fort got that name?

Near to the Pallippuram fort, one could find a church dedicated to the lady of snow. The church is more commonly known as Manjumatha Palli (‘Manju’ means ‘snow’ and ‘Palli’ means ‘church’). The church was constructed at the same when the fort was erected and hence the nearby place got the name ‘pallipuram’. And this how the fort got the name ‘pallippuram fort’.

 There is an interesting story revolving around the fort and church. Once Tipu Sultan and his soldiers tried to conquer the fort by destructing the church, understanding the evil intention of Tipu Sultan the mother Mary covered the region with heavy mist and therefore made the church and fort invisible to the enemies.

 Currently, the walls of the fort are surrounded by thick green vegetation. Annually people from Chennai accompany their family for visiting the place by purchasing the tour packages to Kerala at cheap prices.

How to reach?

Nearest railway station: Ernakulam Junction

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport

Nearest Jetty: Vypeen

Nearest Bus station: Vypeen and Pallippuram

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