Some intriguing facts about the Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai

Dubai is an exquisite destination for rejuvenation and enjoyment. Hundreds of travellers flock to the city annually to mesmerize their hearts with awe-inspiring images of spectacular infrastructures. The emirate is well-known for its man-made wonders. It is always said that with constant hard work and immense dedication a person could conquer the world. Dubai is the perfect instance of the same. No one ever imagined a coastal region will turn out to be a most captivating destination in the world. Along with audacious monuments, the emirate amazed the world by constructing stupendous natural wonders. Isn’t it unbelievable! Has anyone heard an island being created by humans or regeneration of ancient civilizations using modern techniques? These unimaginable matters could be seen live only in Dubai. Some of the noteworthy attractions of Dubai are Burj Khalifa with two stunning observation decks, Dubai Frame, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall and many more. Among them, the Palm Islands, Love Park and Dubai Miracle Garden are the amusing creations in Dubai that startled the whole universe. Thousands of travellers travel from Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Bangalore to steal these amazing images of wondrous creations. Several tour packages to Dubai inculcate these gorgeous places in their itinerary.

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There would be no one in the planet that hasn’t seen an aquarium at least once in their life. Some treat nurturing of marine organisms as their hobby and others as part of the business. Whatever may be the purpose of the ultimate aim of an aquarium is to preserve various species of marine creatures from human invasions. Viewing the amusing charm of fishes and coral reefs will relieve a person from all kinds of tensions and stress. Understanding the need for aquarium the government of Dubai decided to present a marvellous shelter of marine creatures to the world, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Most of us are not familiar with the later one. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is the perfect place for families and newlywed couples to enjoy their quality time. Many newly married couples often select the lost chambers aquarium to spend their romantic moments by indulging in various aqua venture sports. Participating in adventure activities will help the couples to break the wall of dissimilarities and turn their honeymoon into blissful. There are many intriguing factors hidden inside the aquarium. Honeymoon couples can visit the aquarium by availing of packages to Dubai. People who are unable to step into the emirate can stroll down through the following paragraphs and learn the outstanding features of the aquarium.

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The lost chambers aquarium is sheltered to more than 65000 marine creatures belonging to various species. The aquarium is constructed in the model of the lost city of Atlantis and it is situated in the Atlantis hotel in man-made islands called Palm Islands. The main theme of the aquarium is to showcase the marine world after surviving from various natural calamities such as tsunami, earthquake and underwater volcanic eruption. While traversing in the aquarium one may feel like he is being submerged in the water and interacting with aquatic creatures. From the underwater observatory, visitors can catch a marvellous panoramic view of the entire aquarium. Inside the ‘touch tank,’ people are allowed to touch some marine creatures like sea urchins, starfishes and so on. The aquarium has been classified into 10 rooms and they are as follows.

Navigation Room

Navigation room as the name suggests the room was mainly dedicated to team leaders and marine scientists to prepare route maps and study reports for researches, set coordinates for tele-reporters and so on. The extraordinary ability of navigation, arapaima fishes were used to widely especially in South Atlantis. Arapaima is one of the fresh marine species with 3 meters in length and weighing up to 90 kg. Due to its medicinal properties, is now being considered as endangered species.

Abyss room

Abyss room is considered as an abode of priceless minerals especially crystals. Crystals are termed as a source of energy.

Red sage chamber

This room has been dedicated to astronomical studies. The wall inside the room clearly depicts the commencing of rainfalls, tides and storms.

Knowledge room

The room has been dedicated to the old Atlantis world. Over here one could find jellyfishes in large number. These species are devoid of eyes and brain. Their lifespan varies from 6 months to 2 years.

Seven sages Chamber

Have you ever heard about the computer that was being operated using crystals! There was a time when researches after gathering data from various sources uploaded in the organic computers that were run by the energy extracted from crystals. Isn’t it unbelievable?

Technology room

The place shelters nocturnal marine creatures such as Honeycomb Moray Eel. They are blind during the daytime. Inside the room, one could see the ancient banking system. Transactions take place using typical Atlantis currency called Blue crystals.


 It carries artefacts of ancient times.

Generator Room

The generator room carried all the essential energies for the survival of organisms extracted from crystals.

Blue sages Chamber

There was a time when the Atlantic continent faced disturbance from neighbouring countries. Hence as part of self-defence, they decided to teach martial arts to the citizens and dedicated a centre for it. Over there they made several weapons.

Souvenir shop

It displays some harmful products that could hinder the growth of the marine species.

Apart from the 10 rooms, there are many places in the aquarium that could lure every traveller’s hearts.


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The lost chambers aquarium is famous for snorkelling in the Ambassador Lagoon. It is one of the largest water tanks that could hold 11 million tons of water. Kids above 6 years are permitted to practice snorkelling inside the aquarium. Along with snorkelling couples can stroll inside the aquarium by holding each other’s hand.

Aquarium Dives

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The dives inside the aquarium have been categorized into three sections. One is for beginners where people can learn basic lessons of diving. They can also catch the glimpses of beautiful butterflies and sharks. The section is for divers who possess certifications, they can enjoy and explore the aquarium in own way. And the last sector is called Predator dive where the divers have to dive with dangerous sharks.

Fish Tales Tour

Fish Tales Tour will help travellers to learn more about the 65000 marine species in-depth with the help of a guide.

Haunted Chambers

Visitors are entertained with various shows and parties during the Halloween season.

From the above paragraphs, you might have clearly understood some interesting features of the lost chambers aquarium. So what are you waiting for? Grab the package as soon as possible from Dubai Tour Trawell. So hurry up. Don’t waste your time.

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