A Get-Together of Friends At Dubai

Standing on the tallest building of the world and witnessing the glory of the illuminated towers, riding on the camel and savoring the Arab delicacies. Playing in the snow park, strolling through the streets of Dubai Creek and participating in the world-famous Dubai shopping festival (dsf)… I was busy collecting things from the dsf street shops. Suddenly I heard the cooker whistling…I wondered how it is possible in Dubai. And also someone was shaking me too. I couldn’t understand anything…suddenly my mom shouted and said it is 8 am and asked me whether I have any plan to go to the office. I then realized that it was a dream. Visiting Dubai is my life dream… My mother used to say the dream which we see early in the morning used to get fulfilled. But I used to never believe it. After an hour I got ready for the office. By noon I got a call from my old college buddy who is now currently working in Coimbatore as a network engineer. I was staring at the phone because it’s being a long time she called me… before the call gets cut I attended it …. Initial conversation was formal…later she came to the point…our friends’ circle is planning an exotic tour… I asked her about the destination …without hearing my words she was talking about the package and its expenses and so on…I asked her to stop hitting around the bush and tell where are we all going…Dubai she replied…I asked …what? She again said It is Dubai…. I again asked twice…. Finally, she asked am I ok… It was really difficult for me to believe…for a minute I didn’t utter a word… she disconnected the call and called again. I said about the dream which I had seen in the early morning. She smiled (I hope). Further, she explained about the package and the itinerary. She also added that the package has been curated by the famous travel operator Dubai Tour Trawell. The package was for 4 days.

Dubai Tour Packages from Coimbatore

All our friends from various parts of the country gathered at Coimbatore. From there we boarded a flight to Dubai International Airport. Our flight was in the evening. As my dream was going to fulfill I was really thrilled and excited…. On reaching Dubai we were welcomed with lovely and aromatic flowers. For a moment we felt we were like some eminent personalities. We were then taken to one of the most reputed hotels in Dubai. We relaxed for a while. And then we started our sightseeing. We first visited the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. The building is known for its spectacular charm. We took the entry pass and observed the panoramic view of the superlative city illuminated in different colors. Along with observing the charm of the city travelers could fill their tummies with yummy delicious dishes. Till then my friends were there with them suddenly they disappeared by leaving me alone. I got panic and tensed…had no idea what to do… suddenly I got a call on my phone…I attended before I could say anything she asked me to reach the restaurant and shared the direction. I ran towards the restaurant. The moment I entered I heard a huge round of applause and a birthday song. I was not able to control my emotions. Tears were rolling down from my cheeks. My best friend hugged me. I cut the cake and we all had a wonderful party.

Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

Followed it we went to Dubai Mall. In between, we didn’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the stupendous Dubai fountain situated close to Burj Khalifa. In evenings the fountain dazzles in various colors and dances with music. Dubai Mall comprises more than a hundred shops. It was not possible for us to enter all the shops but had a glimpse of all. As some of the products were cheap we did a little bit of shopping there. As per the Dubai package itinerary, the final destination of the day was Dubai Aquarium. The aquarium consists of various kinds of marine species and coral reefs. We availed a glass-bottom boat tour to witness the amazing view. We savored the scrumptious delicacies with the fishes in the underwater aquarium. We return back to the hotel to unwind ourselves and to gain some sort of energy the next day.

Dubai Tour Packages from Chennai

We started our second day with the Dubai Miracle Garden. Our tour guide who was capable to handle both English and Tamil fluently explained the story behind the construction of the garden. It was opened to the public on Valentine’s Day. 90% of flowers present in the garden were unknown to us. We took more lovely photographs of us in the garden with flowers as the backdrop. From there we moved to the most popular man-made island known as Palm Islands. Among the several islands, Palm Jumeirah is only opened to the public. The man-made archipelago is a perfect instance for human beings’ imagination and creativity. We also visited the famous Jumeirah Beach. Over there we indulged in various beach activities. And we also played water games like diving, jet riding, parasailing and so on. By the evening we went to the Dubai shopping festival. It is the only place where we bought things in bulk at reasonable rates. How could one end his trip without visiting the deserts of Dubai? We visited the hot sandy deserts on the following day. We really wanted to capture the mesmerizing image of the sunset and sunrise. Therefore we purchased the night desert safari package. Through camel riding, we explored the amusing desert. The natives of the desert entertained us with belly dances and filled our minds with mouthwatering dishes. We decorated our hands with Mehndi.  In the Dubai trip, we also visited the Wild Wadi Amusement water theme park. We really had a fun time over there…

Dubai tour packages from Pune

On the final day of the journey, we departed tour coordinators at the airport. We left Arab soil by carrying loads of memories and moments to be cherished. We were eagerly waiting to reach back to our home town to share all the beautiful experiences which we had in Dubai with our friends and families.

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